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When one tugs at a single thing in nature, you find it attached to the rest of the world.

- John Muir, Conservationist

The end of August at MRWC is year end for patient stats as both federal and provincial permits are due in September. Each year, it’s interesting to see how the patients, injuries, and successes compare to previous years.

2020 numbers were a bit higher than normal (2300) as people tended to be stuck at home, having the opportunity to see wildlife in their own backyard that they never had noticed before and felt compelled to help. We also had a situation with a snake hibernaculum that resulted in us caring for 99 Garter Snakes! The summer's frenzy of RVers trying to get on the road after a long winter of confinement resulted in numerous eggs and babies found inside RV hitches and vents.

2021's numbers settled a bit. We began the spring with a wide reaching post to the RV community to check and cover any holes in their RVs. Only 2 calls were received with babies found in trailers! Fewer hawks than usual were admitted and crow numbers were down to due very low nesting in this species this year.

Here are some interesting stats for the year:

Total Patients: 1954
Total species: 156
Total mammals: 650
Total migratory birds: 674
Total raptors: 178
Total young returned to their families: 205
Total orphans fostered to new homes: 250

The overall success rate was 64%. We generally run from 58-60%. Credit has to be given to summer intern, Hayden, who was diligent with baby bird feeding, to Fostering Researcher, Judy, who fostered orphans with dedication, and the overall care given by the entire staff.