Over the past 11 years MRWC has hosted international students to work and live at the facility each summer. These students have played an important role in caring for the patients and the facility while enjoying a Canadian experience. Now we are taking the internships to a whole new level!

One challenge that has become increasingly difficult is receiving 12 students at random times over the year. Many of the students are staying only 8 weeks. This makes it very difficult to properly train and create a good working team.

To resolve these and other issues we have decided to turn our program into a 5 month Internship. The team will start during the slower time in early May and work through the peak busy season right to to the slow down time in the fall. Students will get the "full meal deal" instead of just pieces of the year’s experiences and will be involved in animal care, tourism activities, education programs, and research.

The Centre will provide animal care and leadership training, housing, WiFi, uniforms, work and safety clothing, recreational equipment (canoes, mountain bikes, fire pit/BBQ, camping gear), a vehicle for grocery and short local trips, a completion list and certificate, and as many related experiences as possible.

Students will be expected to bring their own footwear, personal items, spending funds, food, enthusiasm, honesty, and sense of adventure.

We are seeking interns locally and internationally and will be accepting only 6 candidates in 2019. It promises to be an excellent year.

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