As long as winter may feel here in Alberta, it never ceases to amaze us as to how quickly spring arrives on our doorstep.

Beginning this month, we will start to see the arrival of injured and orphaned baby wild animals. Everything from nestling songbirds and owlets, to tiny fox and squirrels, to fluffy ducklings and goslings, will be brought through our doors. We make every attempt to return little ones to their original families and if that is not possible, to foster them into new wild families, as quickly as possible. However, lots of them require treatment, feeding, and attention while in our care.

Want to help? Last year, our supporters bought every item on our Amazon Wish List, setting us up for a successful baby season. Well, now is your chance to help again! When you purchase an item on our behalf, it will be shipped directly to us and a tax receipt will be sent to you. It's so easy and makes a world of difference for the animals in our care.

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