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North American Porcupine

Porcupine © Adam Finch

For those who have visited The Centre, you will have most certainly met our resident Porcupine Charlie!  After being caught in one of the many wildfires of 2013, this Porcupine was brought in and started on anti-biotics for any smoke inhalation and has been steadily eating and growing since!

Porcupines are colloquially known as "Nature's Gardeners", they are strict herbivores who aid woods and forests to grow healthily!  Some people think they can shoot their quills, but rest assured they can't!  Resembling, but not related to, the Echidna and Hedgehog, Porcupines are North America's second largest rodent after the American Beaver.

Porcupines don't have the best eye-sight and are very slow moving, their only defence is their characteristic quills, which they will slap any perceived threat with.  The quills are barbed and have been known to bury themselves into animals that are attacked. 

They are nocturnal and during the summer you will most likely find them snoozing in their favourite flavour of tree!

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